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Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

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About Us

What makes Von Perry different?

Construction industry has not changed much over the years. Today, the industry is facing a severe labor shortage, which resulted in an sky rocketing home prices. Innovation is the key to solving any problem. Von Perry is introducing innovation in bringing automation to home construction. Von Perry has developed a process to implement technology and reduce the cost of construction. Our process will provide speedy delivery, while creating better conditions for construction workers and sustainable housing solutions. The process brings together the best parts of digital construction, 3DCP and prefab construction. We intend to solve the housing crisis through building affordable, sustainable and beautiful homes for you.

Digital construction

Digital Construction is defined as utilizing digital technologies to construct more efficiently with higher quality. Many of the emerging technologies have already proven themselves and they offer numerous opportunities for the construction industry throughout the entire construction life cycle. Traditionally construction industry has invested very small amount of its revenue for developing technology solutions. 

By using digital construction it will be able to establish better control of the process. The control of the whole cycle of construction will ensure better evaluation and improvisation. A customer will be able to see the house even before the house is build. It will allow the customer to make any changes to the design before it is build.  

3DCP is a term used to represent a group of robotic technologies used for construction. 3D-printing is one of the most promising a way to bring automation into the construction process. 3D Printing is an additive, layer-by-layer construction method that produces building structures from a digital file.  In our projects we use this technology to create vertical walls. These walls are stronger than a stick build walls, 3D printing also help us to create architectural nuance in our houses.  We partner with different technology providers to innovate and improvise the techniques of 3D printing. 

Digital construction

Labor is the biggest costs in modern construction projects. Using our streamlined process increase the productivity of labor in construction. And increasing the productivity will reduce the cost of housing. Also this process will provide better working conditions to the workers.


Speed is the key to improving the affordability of houses. Since we bring mechanization, the speed of construction can be increased. Also, all parts of the construction process are controlled for better efficiency which will eliminate process wastage. Von Perry is aiming to build a house in a matter of weeks instead of months. 


3D printing makes it cost-efficient to build curved walls and structures. In conventional construction, curved structures takes a lot of expensive labor. In 3D printing, curved walls can be formed as easily as straight walls. Von Perry is aiming to change the look of the world around us by using 3D printing to give life to our sleek architectural designs.


Traditional construction creates a lot of waste. This waste comes from the intermediate processes and lack of precision and control. 3D printing eliminates many of the intermediate processes. It only uses the required material for the construction thus reducing the wastage of raw materials.


3D printing technology is evolving fast. New materials and techniques are being developed every day. Specially engineered materials can improve the quality capabilities of 3D printing. Von Perry will soon venture into creating more sustainable construction materials and techniques to build the buildings for the 21-century civilizations. 


What are the benefits of Our Construction Process?

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